new member soz wrong topic of post!

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new member soz wrong topic of post!

Post by Goemon125 on Wed Aug 27, 2008 3:01 am

Hi this is Goemon125, ima new member of this clan. and to answer saladintj's question, i was in a big clan owned by myself. just didnt have a website and i have a few friends who might wanna join. im very popular in world 85 u kno i just hang by there >.>. i was trained to know many things in clans :\ thing is i dont kno about websites nd stuff i just know like battle techniques and operations that can be successful ( in clan wars & old bounty hunter & wildy wars ) in old bounty hunter there was a war in world 81 and i took the other team mates and attacked from behind. ive been in 14 wildy wars they were huge ones 2. clan was t.a ( which was mine and every 1 quit ) and i was part of d.b the darkbloods you can search them on youtube they was a reallly boring clan and only had 1 war tho that was my biggest 1 it was against m.t a dumb clan named muffin throwers. like about 55v72 they posted how many kills and who ran on the web i was suprised we won even tho we ahd 55 players. well i hope this clan gets wars coz im joinin


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